Our pre-primary grades, from RRR to R, cater for boys and girls aged three to six. They are housed in a built-for-purpose environment that allows the pupils to learn through self-directed play.

We firmly believe that purposeful, stimulating play teaches young children how to cope with real-life issues without any external pressure. Whether they are learning about overcoming fears or simply mastering how to tie a shoelace, they can explore and develop with confidence in a safe, secure and caring atmosphere. 

At Epworth Pre-Primary, we adopt an engaged learning process, underpinned by the soundest educational principles whereby pupils “learn by doing”. The aim of all our programmes is to enhance creativity and encourage self-discovery. 



At our private pre-primary school in Pietermaritzburg, Grades RRR and RR are taught the skills of small-group activities and the basic concepts of numeracy, literacy and life skills. We also focus on emotional, social and physical development (fine and gross motor skills). Throughout the week, pupils participate in physical development rings, music/drama rings, discussion rings, art activities, nature walks, problem solving activities and baking. The Grade RR classes also attend a weekly music lesson.

The school readiness programme begins in Grade R and includes numeracy, literacy and life skills. It is an activity-based programme that encourages concept formation and skills training. Activities are carefully planned and structured and children can participate at their level. Confidence building is vital in this important phase of a child’s school career.

Grade R pupils have many opportunities to become familiar with our primary school campus. This facilitates their transition to formal schooling, making it an exciting, happy and natural process. Every week, the pupils engage in computer, music, drama, library and physical education lessons. They also attend weekly assemblies and chapel services.

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