At Epworth School in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, we provide a rich and diverse education for boys and girls from Grade RRR to Grade 7, and girls only from Grade 8 to Grade 12. We are an independent, Christian school that takes pride in preparing our pupils for a future where they are confident, knowledgeable and multi-faceted. Join us for a life-transforming journey.

Epworth is guided by its motto Fida Humana Fortis in all aspects of the school’s life, activities and engagements with stakeholders and the community at large. The qualities of Fida (Faith), Humana (Compassion) and Fortis (Courage) anchor the value system of our school. 

Epworth thrives year after year in one of the country’s most competitive private school environments. We promote an ethos of “true to who we are” by emphasising the significance of authenticity in all activities, pursuits and engagements. We focus on creating a sense of belonging, striving to build an informed and compassionate citizenry. In all our pupils, we encourage a self-esteem approach based on “the best I can be” affirmation. Epworth leads from the front to help build a culture of volunteerism. 

Exploring yourself, your environment, your abilities, your strengths,
your weaknesses, your world. Join us for the journey.



Epworth School was founded in 1898 by two pioneering women, Miss Emily Lowe and Miss Emma Mason. It was named after the town of Epworth in Lincolnshire (UK), the birthplace of John and Charles Wesley, two brothers who developed Methodism. 

On 3 August, with a staff complement of five, Epworth opened its doors to 45 Natal settler children – 26 seniors and 19 kindergarten pupils. The original school was housed in the centre of Pietermaritzburg and it moved to its present location in 1941.

For its first 21 years Epworth operated as a private venture. In 1919 it was transferred to the Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of South Africa, which appointed a management council. This arrangement continued until 1982 when it was taken over by an independent trust, ensuring it maintained its Methodist ethos.