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General Purpose Levy

The General Purpose Levy covers Personal Accident insurance, IEB Examination costs and House funds (Grades 8 to 12). It also includes expenses such as limited textbooks, computer laboratory and library usage, limited stationery in the Preparatory School, limited printing and photocopying, Epworth diary and Names and Faces in the High School, the School magazine, transport to and from local league sporting events, and most compulsory school outings within Pietermaritzburg.

Development Levy

This Levy, which is charged per family, is used solely for the development of facilities and is administered by representatives of the Trustees, the Parent Body, the Board of Governors and School Management. The Development Levy was introduced in 2019 to Grades RRR to R, increasing annually to equal contributions by the whole school. The Development Levy is applied to the eldest enrolled student.

Insurance & Medical Aid
  • Personal Accident insurance is covered by the General Purpose Levy. However, parents are requested to ensure that their children are members of a medical aid scheme and provide the School with their medical aid details.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that all their children’s possessions are insured under their own personal insurance policies. The school will not be held liable for theft/ loss of pupils’ possessions from school.
Payment of Fees

All fees are billed and payable by debit order monthly in advance over 12 months. Non-residents and those paying in foreign currency are not eligible to pay their fees by debit order. Those not able to pay by debit order are required to pay their fees quarterly in advance. Payment of fees must be made in accordance with specific terms laid down in the School’s Debtors Policy.

Early Settlement Discount

Parents who pay the published annual fees for a particular year IN FULL before the start of school in January of that year are entitled to a discount, currently 2.5%. Any queries in this regard should be addressed to the Business Manager.

Sibling Allowances

An allowance of 10% on tuition fees from Grades 1 to 12 will be granted on the fees of the second and each subsequent child coming from the same family, provided that such child does not enjoy any other form of fee assistance.


Specialist Educational Programme & Tours
Pupils in Grades 3 to 12 participate in some form of “tour” or overnight outing, or specialist educational programme, during the course of the school year. This is charged at the time of the outing or programme. The school attempts to keep the charge for this as low as possible.
The school provides transport for day scholars to and from various venues in and around Pietermaritzburg each day. Transport is offered to boarders who reside in the Durban and Hillcrest area at the beginning and end of each week. Details of these and the costs involved can be obtained from the Transport Office.
Day Scholar Lunches
  • Morning tea and compulsory lunch are provided to all High School pupils (this is included in the tuition fee for High School pupils).
  • Primary School pupils may order lunch, should they wish, on a termly basis only. Charges are available on request from the Finance Department but equate to approximately R 30 per day.
Pre-Primary & Preparatory School Aftercare
  •  Aftercare is offered to pupils in Grades RRR to 7 and is charged monthly. The daily rates are as follows:
    Gr RRR-R: 12:45 – 14:30 = R 27, 12:45 – 16:00 = R 37, 12:45 – 17:00 = R 47
    Gr 1-7: 14:30 – 15:15 = R 27, 14:30 – 16:15 = R 37, 14:30 – 17:15 = R 47 (regardless of any activity/sport done)
  • 17:15 Late penalty = R 100
  • Parents are requested to provide lunch and refreshments for their children.
Sundry Costs

All other costs such as work-books, music lessons, ballet, horse-riding, outings and camps, non-compulsory academic activities, extra lessons, shop purchases etc. are charged individually as they are incurred. Charges for extra lessons and extra-mural activities are available on request. An administration fee of 10% is charged on all items of a personal nature charged to a pupil’s School account, e.g. medical cos

Parents' Association Levies

The Parents’ Associations of each school (Preparatory and High School) charge a levy annually in lieu of fund-raising. This is agreed on each year at their respective Annual General Meetings in February, and charged in 2 instalments during the course of the year. The 2019 Levy was charged at R400 per family per school.

Epworthian Society Fee

An additional R 750 is due by all pupils entering the High School in respect of membership to the Epworthian (alumni) Society


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