Our preparatory school offers boys and girls, from Grades RRR to 7, the perfect place to start their journey through life and learning. We believe that a co-educational environment for children of this age provides for balanced social, emotional and intellectual development. 

At the prep school, we aim to create a nurturing atmosphere that encourages learning through positive affirmation. Our focus is on each individual child so that he or she can reach his or her full potential in all areas of school life.

We adopt an independent syllabus shaped by innovative thinking. The content of all our academic, sport, music and drama syllabi is aimed at developing skills and building resilience.

All our endeavours promote creativity, build confidence and encourage critical thinking. These outcomes are achieved by inculcating a love for learning and reading. 



Epworth Preparatory School has a proud history of utilising carefully designed child-centred teaching methods to assist pupils in reaching their true potential. Our passion is to facilitate the development of pupils’ strengths, resulting in confident, independent thinkers who are well-equipped for high school and beyond. Epworth Prep’s highly skilled and professionally trained staff make a consistent effort to keep abreast of new developments in education and maintain a relevant and engaging curriculum for our pupils.

We pride ourselves on not only providing our pupils with the ideal environment to develop to their full academic potential, but to instill the life skills they will need to flourish as they leave our gates.

Mrs Julie Calitz
Head of Epworth Preparatory for Boys and Girls


Message from the Head of Prep School

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