At Epworth Preparatory School, the arts are an intrinsic part of pre-primary and primary school life. All our pupils, from our pre-primary grades upwards, are exposed to the visual and performing arts. They receive drama, art and music lessons under the guidance of specialist teachers.

A comprehensive music programme, which runs throughout the year, features all pupils from Grades RR to 7. The pupils engage in a range of musical activities including singing, music literacy and music appreciation. They are also taught to play various instruments including the recorder (Grades R - 3), percussion (Grades R – 7), keyboard (Grades 3 - 4), the violin (Grade 3), the clarinet (Grade 4) and the marimba (Grade 7). There is no extra cost for these lessons.

Pupils can also receive individual music lessons in cello, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, oboe, organ, piano, recorder, saxophone, violin, ukulele and voice. Pre-primary pupils can also receive private piano lessons at an additional cost. Class music lessons continue through Grades 5 to 7.

Two choirs, an ensemble and a marimba band are other avenues for music-making. These groups actively participate in inter-school events, concerts and chapel services.

Every year, we stage top-quality theatrical productions, which are inclusive of all the pupils, and an art exhibition, which highlights the creative work of everyone from Grades RRR to 7. Individual ballet, group hip-hop and contemp-hop lessons are offered at an extra cost for those interested in dance.

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