Pastoral care, which focuses on pupils’ emotional, social, spiritual and psychological well-being, is the essential foundation on which learning can take place. Research shows that pupils with good mental and emotional health are likely to achieve better academically and are more equipped to deal with life’s challenges.

Our pastoral care team comprises our Principal, Deputy Principal, Chaplain, Counsellor, Head of Boarding, Senior Pastoral HOD and our school sanitorium sister. They meet on a weekly basis to ensure that our pupils’ pastoral needs are being met, sensitively and discreetly. In addition, each grade has a pastoral head who closely monitors the grade as a whole and each individual pupil in that grade.

Our registered counsellor offers personal, individual and group counselling to those who experience difficulties in their home, personal and school lives. We have created a safe space next to the counsellor’s office for pupils who need somewhere to calm their emotions when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

We operate a pupil mentoring programme whereby every Grade 8 pupil is assigned to a Grade 12 mentor who helps her adjust to school life and acts as a bridge of friendship between the older and younger pupils. In turn, staff members act as mentors to the Grade 12s in their final year of school.


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