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Epworth hosts Proudly Primary Conference

“Perfectly Different” was the theme of the recent Proudly Primary Conference, which returned to its roots at Epworth School where it was conceptualised and hosted 18 years ago.

“It is our belief at Epworth that diversity should be a strength, not a stumbling block, and that it should be an impetus for growth as a school, and as a nation,” said Reynard White, Principal of Epworth Preparatory School.

An Independent Schools’ Association of South Africa event, the conference was the brainchild of former Epworth principal, John Mathfield. His vision was to recognise and celebrate the invaluable role of pre-primary and primary school teachers in the education sector.

Over 900 delegates, from a variety of southern African independent schools, gathered on the Epworth campus for the three-day conference to connect, share ideas and to benefit from the wide choice of presentations of offer.

The event was also a boost for over 32 exhibitors, representing a range of educational suppliers, who made the most of the captive audience.

Proudly Primary is indebted to main sponsor, Varsity College: “Your generosity, in these difficult times, will assist and enhance the important role played by teachers in the pre-primary and primary sector and in the development of children in our country,” said Reynard White.