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Epworth KZN squash pupils


Squash at Epworth is alive and well with pupils of all ages participating in matches, league fixtures and tournaments. We are especially proud of our 15 pupils, from across the Prep and High Schools, who were selected for KwaZulu-Natal squash teams this season. Congratulations to the following players:

U11A Girls: Chelsey Cameron and Kimeya Moonisami
U13A Girls: Rylee Howells and Kaitlyn Zeelie
U13B Boys: Greg Martens
U14A Girls: Tamlyn Galliers and Amy Gerber
U16B Girls: Paige Stella, Jamie Zunckel, Abbey Hackland and Mayra Bytebier
U19A Girls: Nicola Bentley, Jaimie White, Siana Middleton and Kayleigh Els