High School, Preparatory School

Facelift for campus facilities

The school made the most of the June/July holidays to renovate and upgrade several facilities on campus.

The Dining Hall received a welcome facelift courtesy of support from Capitol Caterers that devised a clean and fresh-looking appearance with functional and modern amenities. An upgraded serving area with attractive counter tops and lights, cladded walls, decorative wallpaper and refurbished floors compliment the new colour scheme and add to the overall ambiance. A big thank you to Capitol for their vision and contributions.

The Academic Centre occupies the building that previously housed the Finance and Estates departments, which was extensively renovated along with a nine-meter extension. This facility can accommodate enough exam desks for an entire grade and can also seat 200 people, cinema style. It meets all IEB examination venue specifications with wheelchair access and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.

The Prep School boasts new playground units that have become firm favourites among the pupils during tea and lunchtimes. In the pre-primary section, the Fantasy Room was refurbished and now features a superb climbing wall that provides a perfect outlet for those who are active and adventurous. Thank you to the Prep School Parents’ Association for their contribution to these projects.