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Outstanding results for class of 2023

We applaud the class of 2023 on their impressive IEB Senior Certificate results. Congratulations to every single pupil whose hard work and perseverance paid off. Looking at their trials results and portfolio marks, they met or improved upon most of their results in the final examinations. Their results reflect exceptional hard work, perseverance and a full recovery of Covid-related learning issues. We also pay tribute to our staff who challenged and nurtured each one of our pupils.

  • Epworth achieved 100% pass rate with all 64 candidates receiving entry to university.
  • Two pupils, Melissa Martens and Rachel van Deventer, made the IEB Outstanding Achievements List by achieving within the top 5% in six or more of their subjects with a distinction in Life Orientation.
  • Eight pupils were ranked in the top 1% of subjects nationally
  • Our 64 pupils recorded a total of 138 distinctions
  • Number of subject A’s (includes Further Studies English, Physical Sciences and Mathematics):
    9 A’s: Melissa Martens, Bianca Hillermann
    8 A’s: Rachel van Deventer
    7 A’s: Nicola Bentley
    6 A’s: Diyajal Maharaj, Courteney Raeburn, Erin Allwood, Nicola Bentley, Kayleigh Els, Anna Hobden
    5 A’s: Tanya Mpumela, Olivia Jason, Jenna Curry

Here’s to a bright future for the class of 2023. May they go forth with faith, compassion and courage.